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MUPA MFA RECITAL 2024 | “A Melodic Tapestry of the Harmonious Horizons”

Take note! Please join us for the very first MFA Recital

We proudly present our practice and creative works in the Cross-Disciplinary in Music and Performing Arts Course, where we organize various programs such as Chinese traditional and modern music, Thai traditional music, western music, experimental music, and performance. Make it happen, and be part of our class presentation.

Please reserve your ticket

for free admission,

due on Tuesday, 12 March 2024.


- Bamboo Language (Zhudi-Chinese flute)

- Hongyan (The Geese in the Sky) (Chinese Traditional Singing)

- Mein herr marquis (Vocal)

- Bua Khoaw and Lok Nee Kue Lakorn (Burapha University Chorus)

- Laopan (Solo piece for five-Ranad Ek ensemble)

- Dunhuang Impression (Experimental Music)

- [RE]MEMBER: Multi-disciplinary and Improvisation Distinguished

Guest Musicians: Tanarath Anukul, Akkarapon Dejwajaranon, Pakorn Kalapakornchai

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